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Features and Security

Email Order Confirmation
Immediate email confirmation on all orders.

Corporate Sales
Corporate gifts of 10 or more products in a single order will receive a 10% discount. The discount will be deducted from the total before the final processing by your credit card company. Copy and paste the recipient list in the Card Messages/Instructions form field on the checkout page or email your list to

To purchase products on for resell please contact us at 336.855.8526 or email

Secure Credit Card Processing
Online credit card processing is through a secure encrypted server and your credit card number is not stored on our server or carried at any time by an electronic cookie.

       Master Card       Visa

Personal Information and Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc do not have any affiliation with data collecting organizations. We only collect the information necessary to conduct secure ecommerce transactions. Your personal information is not shared with outside parties.

Electronic Cookies
Temporary electronic cookies are utilized to maximize the usability of the shopping system and expire when you enter the secure server to complete your purchase transaction.

Multiple shipping recipients
When you need to order for multiple recipients we recommend typing a text list with name, address, etc. with a text editor like Word or Word Perfect and when you get to the checkout page simply copy and paste in the Card Messages and/or Instructions form field on the checkout page or email your list to

Shipping and Handling is designed to be quick and to the point of ordering products that will be shipped directly to you or to anyone in the Continental USA within 24 hours of order placement. For Holiday Seasons you may order early and request a future shipping date in the checkout "Card Message and/or Instruction" field on the checkout form.

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Click on the links below to download the latest browsers:
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During the Strawberry Season Selected Growers will delivery to your home, restaurant and/or company fresh strawberries in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. Locally grown strawberries usually have a richer flavor than berries that are imported out of state. If your time is money, contact us next spring to have great tasting strawberries delivered to you.

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