Phillips Brothers Country Ham
Jellies and Jams (O - S)
We Still Do It The Old Fashion Way

Distribution: Continental USA

Our jellies and jams are homemade in the mountains of North Carolina in homes with certified kitchens inspected by FDA and local Health Departments to insure quality products. If you enjoy the good down home taste of homemade over factory made, our jellies and jams are for you. Our 2 jelly gift box sells for $10.00 plus shipping. Please indicate your preference and a second and third choice. Supplies are limited during the winter months when fresh fruits are not available.

Price -$10.00
Shipping Cost $5.00

42 varieties available

(Peach Butter -

Select any combination of 2 jars
Peach ButterQty:
Peach PreservesQty:
Pear ButterQty:
Pear PreservesQty:
Pepper Jelly, Green HotQty:
Pepper Jelly, Red HotQty:
Plum Jelly, DamsonQty:
Pumpkin ButterQty:
Raspberries ‘n BrandyQty:
Strawberry Jam, WildQty:
Strawberry Jelly, WildQty:

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